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Wednesday 3 June to Saturday 6 June 2009

Written by Peter Shaffer

"I have worked and worked the talent You allowed me. You know how hard I've worked! - solely that in the end, in the practice of the art that alone makes the world comprehensible to me, I might hear Your Voice! And now I do hear it and it says only one name: MOZART!... Spiteful, sniggering, conceited, infantine Mozart! - who has never worked one minute to help another man! - shit-talking Mozart with his botty-smacking wife! Him You have chosen to be your sole conduit! And my only reward - my sublime privilege - is to be the sole man alive in this time who shall clearly recognise Your Incarnation!"

What happens when mediocrity recognizes itself in the face of genius? Especially when genius comes in the form of a vulgar potty-mouthed child prodigy? This is the question posed as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, perhaps the greatest composer of all time, unknowingly becomes the battleground of envious court composer Antonio Salieri's strife with God.

Winner of the Evening Standard Drama Award, the Theatre Critics' Award and the coveted Tony Award for Best Play, AMADEUS went on to become a critically acclaimed major motion picture winning eight Oscars, including Best Picture.

Peter Shaffer's play is part of the new canon of contemporary, dramatic and exciting British theatre. The Shilo Theatre Company was delighted to present another innovative and excellent production.



The "Venticelli"
Alasdair King
Jo Taylor
Salieri's Valet
Mathew Holker
Salieri's Cook
Tom Chinnery
Antonio Salieri
Peter Bowers
Teresa Salieri
Mary Dillon
Katharina Cavalieri
Helen Taylor
Johann Killan von Strack
Sam McVaigh
Count Orsini-Rosenber
Dave Mallen
Baron van Swieten
Paul O'Neil
Constanze Weber
Laura Hassall
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Justin Morley
Emperor Joseph II
Dave Barker


Nigel Machin
Set designer
Nigel Machin
Lighting designer
Paul Botham
Stage manager
Caroline Marriott
Lighting operator
Stacey Potter
Calum Fulton
Follow spot
Phil Ashworth
Set and props
The Company
Make up and millinery
Katherine Machin
Stage crew
Helen Marriott
Alex Arditti
Matt Eustace
Sarah Craig Photography
Festival, Denton
Fortepiano playing
Jonathan Ellis